Thursday, June 24, 2010

picture frame bow holder tutorial

Anyone who knows my Lyla knows that she has been challenged in the hair department since birth, she will be 3 in a couple months and is only now getting enough hair where it actually looks messy if I don't brush it. She has recently begun to build up quite a bow collection and I am always finding them around the house and trying to keep them in one place (pretty unsuccessfully) So I decided to make my own bow holder. I saw one of these on etsy and said I can DIY that. So here is my little tutorial for a DIY bow holder.
Take any frame - this one was $5 at walmart - and take the glass out of it.
Paint it any color. I used acrylic (gasp) because I didn't have spray paint on hand and didn't want the hassle. Spray paint would make a nicer finish though.
trace the glass onto mat-board or cardboard (a diaper box would work great if you don't have mat-board)
Cut out the traced mat-board
Cut pretty paper to size.
Adhere pretty paper to mat board ( I used double sided tape - less mess)
Go through your stash and find ribbon to match - I picked two sizes because she has little bows and big bows. DUCK TAPE!

Put it in the frame
VOILA!! (that's the fancy way of saying TA-DA, we like being fancy like Nancy)


Eva Scott said...

Super, super cute! I'll have to remember this if I ever have a girl. ;-)

Kimberly said...

Ha ha! Love the reference. My niece LOVES fancy nancy!

This bow board is super cute, and essential when you have a girl! (I had to make one for my baby girl, too...)
Your daughter is so adorable.

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