Tuesday, June 8, 2010

getting back in the swing

So I have been absent but I have a very good reason. It would be the arrival of my new bundle of joy, Sage Jennie who made her way into the world May 14 - a whopping 10 days after her due date, brutal, but oh so worth the wait! She is so sweet and we already all love her to pieces!

Since the birth of Sage I have been inspires by all the handmade fashion out there in the blog world. I, myself have a limited budget to spend on clothes and am needing some transition wear as I don't quite fit in my old clothes and my maternity clothes are thankfully too big and too hot (seeing as I was mostly pregnant in the winter). So I think I just may need to go thrifting and score a new look. I saw this girls blog on the craftzine blog, one of my favorites, and I was so inspired by her ambitious endeavor. For a whole year she is repurposing second hand clothing and making it her entire wardrobe. Not only is she super creative but she seems to have gotten even more creative with her remakes since she first began, not just that but she is giving herself a budget of a dollar a day - nice! Go check her out - you'll want to look all the way to day 1! Below are some of my favorites she has done to date.

I saw these bags and thought they were AMAZING! I would like to attempt to make one but I know it would not turn out near as bright and pretty. sigh*

P.S. I love publix brand seasonal ice creams! Yesterday I was at the store and spotted dolce de leche banana pudding and peach cobbler and now it's all I can think about. Haha!


Joanne said...

welcome back to blog world!
WOW that lady and her repurposed fashions are AMAZING!!! Makes me want to try! I am gonna go read her blog.

Eva Scott said...

I just love Sage too! To me in that one picture with Lyla, Sage's expression reminds me of one Lyla has done before!

And WOW to that repurposing lady. I am im.pressed!

And I just love those bags too. Super cute!!

Rebecca said...

Sage is just perfect!
And I am going to love that girl's blog! Totally inspiring!