Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Praying together

So we have been going through the My First Message Bible by Eugene H. Peterson, and it is great - I love the message translation and the illustrations are fantastic. So the other morning we read about how God created the animals and at the end of the story we went to pray suggesting that Lyla pray and thank God for making the animals (because she loves animals). So Lyla's prayer starts out with, "Jesus, please make baby brother sister not grow bigger in mommy's belly" well ok, not quite what I had in mind lets get back on track. "Jesus, thank you for the dog and the cat and they lived happily ever after, amen" Ok I liked that prayer! She is so funny!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My birthday weekend in Savannah, GA

So for my 27th birthday my wonderful husband took me to Savannah, GA. A place I have wanted to visited for quite some time now. It was the perfect weekend. We left friday the 19th (my birthday) and returned sunday evening. It was a much needed trip for Aaron and myself and our first time leaving Lyla. We figured we better do it now before baby #2 gets here.

Day 1:
The drive from Jacksonville to Savannah is only 2 hours but of course I needed to stop along the way, so we took a break at this cute Starbucks. Then on to Savannah where we checked into the B&B we stayed at in the historic district near Forsyth Park. We arrived near dinner time and Aaron picked out the cutest restaurant called the Firefly for my birthday meal. It was a tiny place in the basement of an old house with really yummy food. Then we walked to this great coffee place to have my birthday dessert - peanut butter pie (so good). A great 27th Birthday!
Day 2:
The B&B we stayed at was so cute and they served a great breakfast in the morning, which meant we couldn't sleep in but it got us out the door nice and early so we could get the most out of our weekend. It was a victorian styled B&B which I loved, even all the tiny porcelain cats. There was this coral mask hanging in the bathroom which I swear every time I looked at it I half expected it's eye's to pop open like in Pirates of the Caribbean. Also I loved the claw footed bath tub, I've always wanted one.
There are so many beautiful squares in Savannah with historical statues. This Lion was one of my favorites, the leprechaun was Aaron's. We had such a great time walking around the beautiful parks and squares at one point we came across a street musician who was playing patriotic tunes on his flute - it was great.
We ate at the shrimp factory on the riverfront for lunch. Their lunch specials came with the best salads and blueberry muffins with a praline whipped butter. The food in Savannah is yummy yummy, and it's funny because when I came home I noticed most of my photo's are of us eating.
Day 3:
Our last day in Savannah we wanted to end our trip by trying out some southern cooking at Paula Deen's restaurant Lady and Son, but we were told you need to come at 9:30 in the morning if you want to be assured a reservation. So we showed up at the door at 9:30 and made a 1:00 lunch reservation, then headed back down to the riverfront and city market to kill time and do some souvenir shopping.
Aaron and I don't have much experience with eating southern cooking but we really enjoyed Lady and Son's Sunday buffet. The fried chicken, BBQ pork and candied yams were my favorite and of course for dessert we both had Paula's famous banana pudding. Such a great way to end our trip to Savannah.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O is for Olympics

For School today Lyla and I talked about the winter olympics in Canada and looked at a book about flags from all over the world. We also looked at a map of the world and talked about the different countries of the world. She really loved the map that had the different animals placed on the continent they live on. Then we made a Canadian flag in honor of the games going on in Vancouver. Lots of messy paint fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cyber Hibernation

So... I have still been keeping busy and doing lots of stuff but I have unfortunately been neglecting my blog for way too long. I had every intention of starting up again in January once the crazy busy holiday season was over, but alas it is mid February and I am just now posting for 2010. Well I think it is safe to say my season of cyber hibernation is over.

I have started doing school for Lyla in the mornings. She seemed to be getting bored with just random coloring and play-dough time. I wasn't sure where to start so I checked out some preschool curriculum books from the Library and WOW have they been helpful in planning out good activities. If you are looking to do the same I would recommend these books, I may end up buying a couple of them once my borrowing time has expired.

Here is a little post valentines math activity we did this morning. Graphing a random handful of sweethearts. It was a great exploration of colors, numbers, counting and learning about most and least. If you want this chart you can download it here.

of course we ate a few too! :)

This looks so cute! I guess it will be in theaters in April. I look forward to seeing it before baby girl number 2 arrives and crying because oddly enough I have become one of those woman who cries when she sees a baby.