Wednesday, April 27, 2011

not quite one, but oh so much fun!

So even though Sage's Birthday is still a few weeks away we decided to have a little play date cereal party with a couple of her buddies.  I got the idea from mer mag's blog and pretty much tried to emulate her brilliant party, from the invites to the take home cereal boxes.  Kid's were asked to come in their PJ's and enjoy gobs of cereal goodness while enjoying morning cartoons and coloring.  It was a grand ol' time and Sage really enjoyed it.  

 Granny came all the way from San Diego to be there.
 Lyla discovered  fun new way to eat Trix, between her toes.
 Sage enjoying her birthday muffin (instead of cake)

Monday, April 18, 2011


So I found this amazing new site called pinterest.  If you are like me any constantly putting images from the web on your desktop or in folders but then really bad at going back and viewing them, this is for you.  You can organize photos you have collected onto separate boards so everything is nice and tidy, but the best feature is that you have a button for your tool bar that you click when you are on a site and you want to pin a picture to your board.  You click the button it shows you all the images on that page and lets you select which one to pin and what board to pin it on.   This is the perfect solution for all my creative friends who can't get enough blogger eye candy!  Go sign up today, it is free but there is a little waiting list to get invited.  In the mean time peruse and feel free to look at my pinterests.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

recycled seed starters

I love Spring and this time of year always makes me wish I had my very own vegetable garden.  I don't really have a green thumb naturally but every year I pick up a few new tricks and manage to help my plants survive  little longer then the year before.  This spring we had a packet of extra sweet basil seeds lying around and some seed starter soil, so Lyla and I got creative about what we could use to plant the seeds in.  We made little greenhouses that have worked amazingly.  Using a rinsed out yogurt cup we just punctured the bottom then filled it with soil and planted our seeds, then I rinsed out a baby food jar and stuck that on top and put it in the windowsill - within a few days all of our seeds were budding.  Can't wait to make some pesto with these guys!