Wednesday, December 17, 2008

starbucks wreath tutorial & reindeer dog!

I'm sure everyone who has been in Starbucks this season has seen the beautiful yarn wreaths and decor. I love how it looks and was of course inspired to make a look alike with a little Vanessa twist. So here is my first tutorial kind of going through how I did it.First I wound yarn around plastic dollar store ornaments (they were much cheaper then styrofoam balls).
Then I used floral wire to twist the back of the ornaments to a metal circular wreath (you can buy these items at any craft store). Keep doing this until you've achieved the desired effect. Then you can use a glue gun to attach more ornaments, glitter, or whatever. personally I wanted a more simplistic look so I attached a white bow and some feathers to the bottom of mine. Your beautiful wreath is complete! This Christmas we are not going "home" for the holidays, so we will be skyping with family a lot this year. The other night we shared holiday goodness (tamales and eggnog ice cream) with my brother in California! Yum Yum good! I said last time I was in the mood to scrap but I am in the middle of changing desks so my scrap area is a mess. Last night I could no longer fight the urge, so instead of cleaning my desk i made this on the computer! It was a tough choice to make, clean or digital scrap and I feel good about my choice!
Lastly I leave you with this video my mom sent me, to put you in the holly jolly spirit!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Shower

Here are some photo's from the baby shower I helped throw for my friend! I have been in the mood to scrapbook and I finally have some time so I will be hopefully posting some new layouts soon. Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Schools Out for the Winter!

Yay! I just finished my final project for my final class I just have to go turn it in tonight! Yay then I can come home and start thinking about all things wonderful like my friends shower I'm throwing, Christmas, and this wonderful new fun thing I want to play with, also my mom gets in to town on the 20th, O happy days are here! I have loved school, but I am definitely going to enjoy my break!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December How I Love Thee!

My creation
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