Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pass the Peas Please

I have always enjoyed cooking. I think it's actually a passion that was passed down to me by my Mom and Dad. My Dad was always cooking some exotic cuisine and my Mom loved trying new and different recipes . Some of my favorite childhood memories where making apricot jam from the fruit we picked in our backyard and making homemade pumpkin seeds after carving our jack-o-lanterns in the fall. When I began thinking about how I want my children to have a creative, lively childhood full of fond memories - teaching them to make food from scratch possibly even from a home garden was one of the things I felt would inspire a wondrous childhood. We have yet to make a home garden (maybe next spring) but for now we have begun to play with our food! I'm hoping to make this a regular part of my blog - nothing weekly or anything (I'm too unorganized for that). But just something I feature at least once a month - hopefully more.

When I started looking for fun recipes to make with Lyla I came across this ladys blog. She has a book published called toddler cafe which looks like a lot of fun and these minty pea pops are from her book but she has also graciously put the recipe on her blog click here to see it. Now I don't know about your two year old but mine isn't the best pea eater. I usually have to hide them in mac n' cheese or other pasta dishes but to no avail - she usually eats around the little green intruders. So I was a little uncertain about how these pops would be accepted. I also have a personal experience with pea popsicles in China (both peas and corn are seen as dessert foods in China), and let me tell you they where disgusting.

Right from the get go I thought we might be in trouble when I told Lyla to put the cup of peas into the food processor she said "Mamma these are not tasty." I convinced her we were going to make them tasty and she hesitantly poured them into the processor. Lyla totally enjoyed making these pops and they were a success - she love love loved them! I even tried one and thought they were pretty great.

Bought this on amazon - perfect little 1 oz size portions and I can use it later when I start making Sage's baby food so I can easily freeze it into individual portions.

finger lickin' good

Having way too much fun eating pea's!

We had to break the sticks in half so they fit better

Perfect Summer Snack!


Jennifer Carden said...

Great post, I use the very same molds!!! Thanks for the review!!

Eva Scott said...

Wow. Those are sweet! They sound gross (I hate cream cheese) but otherwise, an awesome idea! Thanks Vanessa, as always!

Jackie said...

Wow, you sure are a Super Mom - doing such fun, creative activities with Lyla while her little sister is only 6 weeks old!