Friday, June 11, 2010

Kuler Colors!

So I use this amazing application called adobe kuler when I am doing any sort of design work. Recently Aaron and I decided to switch up the rooms in our house so that we can put both girls in the same room, once sage is ready to move out of our room. The big switch up is going to take place while I am in California with the girls in July because Aaron said he will have a much easier time doing it while we are all away and he has no distractions. He said my only task is picking out paint colors, how can you argue with that deal! So I used my much loved app for this task and discovered a new very cool feature. You can upload an image and it will identify the main color scheme from the image and give you a working pallet. SO COOL!

I loved this photo by Danielle Thompson and the colors that came out of it are brilliant and just what I was looking for in my new work space at home!

I will post before and after pictures of the rooms. PAINT is the best way to decorate a room - it takes a bit of work but it is always worth it afterwards.

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