Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 years!

To an amazing Husband - Father - Brother - Son & Friend! What an incredible man you are! You turning 30 today is not really that shocking, because I believe those who know you would agree that your God given wisdom has always far exceeded your age. I look forward to spending 30+ more birthdays with you! - All My Heart

metal I

metal III

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Life

I finally started my Project Life album yesterday. Becky Higgins has a great new website including a digital book making program where you can build a Project Life album and have it made into a beautifully printed 12x12 book. It's lemon squeezy! I like the idea of starting my book at the beginning of a new school year. If you don't know about Project Life go here to find out more about it. So that's what I did with my Labor Day, that and homework. What about you?

I use Project Life

Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Pressure

One of the things I love about scrapbooking is that I feel no pressure with it. There is no one to please with what I do but myself. I'm usually scrapping at my own leisure and I have intentionally not made any themed books or scrapped in any particular order. Some people might find this maddening but for me I absolutely love that I can start on what I want whenever I want to - One of the few area's of my life I feel No Pressure, what a joy. Here is some of the chaos I have created recently.

This page is a scrap - lift from a page Ali Edwards did for Creating Keepsakes

Friday, September 3, 2010

10 reason's to go drastically red this fall

I have been considering dying my hair this color for about 9 months now. But at the time I was pregnant with Sage and didn't want to take any chances (like so many other things in pregnancy their is controversy over wether or not you can dye your hair.) I swore if I still felt that way after she was born I would do it. I think it would be the perfect color for fall and here are my top ten reasons/inspirations behind wanting to go red.

A Fine Frenzy - pretty pretty

Victoria - I love that scene where she is swimming under the water and you can see her fire red hair so vividly approaching.

Molly Ringwald - I love 16 candles.

Julianne Moore - so classic

Gustav Klimt's painting's

Joan Harris from Mad Men

Ariel - She is my favorite!

Claire Danes on My So Called Life - I was in love with this show.

Anne Shirley - Gotta Love her!

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine - I love her music and style so much and she was the catalyst for my desire to go red.

One day we will be besties and I will call her Flo because we're cool like that :)