Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St.Patricks day

I figured I should probably post this before march is over. For st. Patty's day Lyla constructed a beautiful rainbow made of fruit loops. We talked about the different colors of the rainbow and we even read the bible story of the flood in her message bible. But of course what she most enjoyed about this activity was snacking on the fruit loops (something I normally don't have in the house.)
I took this picture on a beautiful spring day when we took a walk in the neighborhood. We have been having really great spring weather here in Florida which I am so grateful for, I love this time of year.


Eva Scott said...

What a fun kiddo craft and what a great picture of Lyla! So pretty!!

Save your Fork said...

Vanessa, you are SO creative and do such great things with Lyla! I am always inspired when I look at your blog. We miss you guys!