Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympics Part II

So I didn't get a chance to post these before our trip to Savannah but I wanted to share the rest of Lyla's Olympic school activities we did. I recorded the figure skating and Lyla and I watched some of the highlights together the next day. On another mom's blog she suggested having some "play skate time" with your child in your socks and prompt them to pretend to be figure skating. Well, Lyla needed no prompting after watching about 2 minutes she hopped off the couch and proceeded to copy the skaters routine who was on the ice - it was amazing!
I think we have a future Olympian on our hands.

Another activity we did for school was making our own olympic torch. All we needed was foil, paper, markers and a water bottle with the bottom cut off - easy peasy. Lyla loved making it but has enjoyed playing with it even more, she still every day at some point runs around the house waving it in the air. It is crazy how she has always preferred playing with trash as oppose to her actual toys we spend money on. Go figure!

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Jackie said...

She looks so graceful!