Saturday, March 13, 2010

mango chutney

About a week ago I spent part of my weekend on what has become my annual mango chutney making/canning day. Aaron and I are huge Indian curry lovers and we especially love our curry with naan bread, yogurt and chutney - all of which make a pretty economical meal minus the chutney - which usually sells for 5 - 8 bucks a pop at most stores. Considering how much chutney we go through a year I decided to start making and canning my own a few years back during mango season. The best price we can get our mangos for here in our part of florida is 2 for $1, so last week when I saw the sale at the grocery store I figured it was about that time and went to work. This is the recipe I used if you are also a curry connoisseur and would like to make your own chutney. Be warned it is a long process but so worth it in the end - and if you can it, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long.
crystalized ginger is the best. Some recipes call for regular ginger but I prefer crystalized, you can find it at most asian markets.
Also another trick to awesome chutney is using golden raisins!

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