Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July and other stuff

Well we had a great 4th of July weekend (if you want to hear all the details go to my husband's blog - aka "the writer") I have pretty pictures from Lyla's friends birthday party. It was so cute and all the kids had a blast.
Also I finally got around to hanging up this beautiful art by our very talented friend John Lee - doesn't it look great! The very cool retro bread box was a gift from my friend Karry for my birthday and I use it to keep letters and cards in - it's so cute and one of my favorite home items for sure. I eventually want to take pictures of more of my house - but that requires cleaning and well... who wants to clean in there "free time."
We also painted the office and dragged all the furniture back into place - I of course made my first project the chalk board on the back of the desk. I love how it came out! Chalkboard paint is THE BEST! I needed a place to store the chalk so I recycled a frosting container I was saving (I have gazillions of old containers I save for reuse projects) put paper on it and nailed it to the desk. Perfection!


Taylor said...

Oh my goodness there is so much to love about this post!! what AMAZING cupcakes Becc made! and the watermelon?! and the Art! and the chalkboard paint on the desk?!!I so wish I had been in town for Noah's party! I also love that little couch that I am assuming is Lyla' reminds me of the furniture in that little town at Disney. Cute!

Rebecca said...

LOVE it all! And love you and your family! =)

Jackie said...

Great post! I love the chalkboard on the back of your desk - very creative chalk holder! One question, is there a hidden meaning in the angel holding the gun in the painting?