Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Love


The fall weather has hit Florida and I am LOVING every moment of it.  I am having a little fall craft party at my house tomorrow with some of my Mamma friends, should be fun I will post pics.

My husband had the opportunity to go to David Crowder's Fantastical Church Music Conference with some friends in Waco Texas a couple weeks ago.  He had an amazing time and came back raving about this stop motion music video Crowder debuted at the conference that he swore I would love, as I love all things stop motion.  It was released today on Vevo and "oh my!!!" there are no words!  David you ARE fantastical! Check it!!!  

And lastly, I am a guest blogger on my friend Eva Scott's blog Tales of the Scotts today!  I made this crafty little number in honor of Eva's blogiversary so go over and take a look-see and show Eva some love!




Anonymous said...

Umm your little bows on everyone are ADORABLE!

Jackie said...

Love your hearth, and that fabric stove is too cute! Oh, and those bows are too much!!!