Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Life

I finally started my Project Life album yesterday. Becky Higgins has a great new website including a digital book making program where you can build a Project Life album and have it made into a beautifully printed 12x12 book. It's lemon squeezy! I like the idea of starting my book at the beginning of a new school year. If you don't know about Project Life go here to find out more about it. So that's what I did with my Labor Day, that and homework. What about you?

I use Project Life


oliver and katie thompson said...

What a great idea, Vanessa! Thanks for passing it on. I've been trying to think of a way to digitally scrapbook in an affordable, easily organized, efficient way so I'll actually DO it! :) It really is sad that I have thousands and thousands of photos of Griffin since he was born, and I only have a few actually printed. Love, love, love this idea.

Eva Scott said...

I have looked at her stuff before. I've never done digital but maybe I'll try it using her stuff! Thanks! And looks great!!