Saturday, July 17, 2010

felt flower headband

I made this felt flower headband using this tutorial from the purl bee to make the flowers.

Then applying hot glue to the bottom side of the headband and wrapping yarn around it.

Then I left the excess thread attached to the flower and simply sewed it to the yarn that was glued on the headband. P.S. I love my new macro lens!

Pretty Little Lyla! I'd like to make these in a few colors - maybe using blues and greens. I really like girly stuff life flowered headbands but in more masculine colors, I guess it's my tom-boy roots that keep springing out.


Jackie said...

So cute! Lyla looks so pretty. You are on an amazing creative streak!

Joanne said...


Eva Scott said...

Love it! She was so cute in her handband yesterday at church. I told her so too!! :-)

Rekha Chauhan said...

how sweet way to mahe hairbands