Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paper bag puppet project

Still rainy and wet here in the sunshine state! Going on 4 days and I think Lyla is getting cabin fever. But I was determined this morning that we were going to have a fun morning and my daughter would come to enjoy rainy days like I do. So I started a project I have wanted to do for a while. Paper bag alphabet puppets! Yeay! Lyla has been
progressing pretty well in the ABC song and she knows what letters are so now we just have to connect the dots, and what better way to do it then color your own puppet! I am going to be picking things that are important to Lyla and posting them on here as we progress. Today we did an Alligator because
1 - we live in florida (Go Gators)
2 - Lyla loves seeing them at the zoo
3- everytime we go on our walk she insists on stopping and staring at our neighbors gator lawn ornaments, yes our neighbors have gator lawn ornaments, and then she points and says gator, gator, gator about a billion times.
oh and I almost forgot!
4- Because she loves the Disney show "will you teach my Alligator manners?" that's an important one.
so there you go. Feel free to print, color and paste this alligator to your own lunch sack!
We really enjoyed it, especially the part where the alligator munched on the little girl fingers!
*If you want other kid crafty fun things to do check out this girls blog she always has something fun/messy to do with the kiddos!
Download Here
On a totally random side note. I watched this show last night and oh my gosh loved it so much! If you have 45 minutes to kill watch the pilot episode on!


Joanne said...

LOVE the paper bag idea! Too cute!

Taylor said...

LOVED Glee too! Ironically, I haven't seen any more episodes since the pilot:(