Monday, November 17, 2008

fall accordion book

First of all Happy B-day to my Momma And baby brother Skylar. I'm so glad you were both born today and that God put you both in my life. You both bring me so much joy and happiness!

This is the fall picture project I was talking about. I did 4 4x6 digital scrapbook pages and attached them in an accordion book style. Then I decorated the cover and sent them as gifts to those I love. Hope they like them, and get them before seeing this. I will take picture of the actual project and would like to have a digital download at sometime but I am still figuring out how exactly to do that.Also my Church showed this video on Sunday and it was amazing, convicting, challenging and just all around awesome. Makes you want to be a part of the change.

Happy Monday!

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Jackie said...

Wow, beautiful film! I love the Lyla in the Fall accordion scrapbook! Thanks for making my birthday wonderful xxx Mom